Time Recorders

Time Recorders – Because Time is Money

Ensure a More Accurate Payroll with our Biometric, Proximity and Swipe Card Time Recorders
Keeping track of attendance and overtime for payroll purposes can be a time-consuming task. But it doesn’t have to be.

With Cotswold Recording Systems’ range of time recorders, you can track all of your staff members throughout the day, recording how many hours they work and ensuring that you always have accurate payroll data. That leads to more accurate wages, and less room for disputes.

Don’t Lose Track of Time
Time recorders don’t just track when your team members are working. They also track how your staff spends their time during work hours. Using biometric, proximity or swipe-card data, time recorders, you will be able to monitor worker attendance, and how much time is spent on an individual project, customer or patient.

Armed with this information, you’ll then be able to identify areas for improvement and develop ways of streamlining working processes and increasing productivity. You’ll also have access to accurate attendance information to resolve any lateness or attendance disputes.

Always Reliable, Always Accurate
From NHS hospitals to locally-owned garages, Cotswold Recording Systems has helped a huge number of organisations throughout the UK accurately track attendance, and how their business’ time is spent. We’ve over two decades’ hard-won experience in the supply and use of time recorders and other timekeeping equipment, so we’re always able to recommend the right recorder for your sector or industry.

Put this expertise to work for your business. Call our team today on 0800 633 5968 for a full, free consultation, or take the time to browse our range of time recorders, including the Beatron Micro D, Needtek TS350 and the Seiko QR395.

The time is right to invest in a time recorder system for your business. We’re certain you’ll see the benefits even sooner than you might think.