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Beatron Micro D

Another two Beatron Micro D Time Recorders are now set up and working alongside the previous two sent to a Flour Mill in Ghana. These robust Time Recorders are ideal for harsh conditions and are gaining an excellent reputation home and abroad.

Heavy Duty Fingerprint System

For the first time we really have put on the market a Fingerprint clocking in machine we can fully trust. With its easy to use software and our system set up support available (optional) you can be up and running in no time. after the initial outlay this system is then cost free as no […]

Bearton Micro D

Our Beatron Micro D Time Recorder is in our opinion the most robust available on the market today. The Time Card never lets us down. we have just sent two more to a Flour Mill in Ghana. This is following a previous order from last year. they were so impressed with the Beatron Micro D […]

Beatron Micro D

Beatron Micro D set up and sent to Sheffield together with 1000 102115 Time Cards , this model is Robust and very reliable, ideal for its factory environment.

Seiko QR395

One of our Top Sellers the Seiko QR395 has flown to a new home to work in a restaurant in Majorca. The Calculating Time Clock will save someone an awful amount of time by calculating the hours worked.